Navigating your 20's & 30’s is a bit more difficult than you thought it would be. I help young professionals find your voice, build healthy relationships, access self-compassion, and feel more confident.

Faith-Based Counseling

Faith is important in your life, complications and all, and you want that honored in therapy. Together we can untangle the threads, find hope, and help you live congruently with your values.

Betrayed Partners

Discovering your partner’s infidelity and sexual betrayal feels earth shattering. Suddenly you don’t recognize the person you love the most. I guide partners through healing with a betrayal trauma lens.

Mackenzie Sodestrom Therapy
Mackenzie Sodestrom Therapy Blog

Hi! I’m Mackenzie Sodestrom, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#110319) located in downtown Oakland, California. My hope is that as we work together we will not
merely reduce symptoms but reclaim joy.

Check out my blog for practical tools, resources, and reflections aimed to help your mental health & relationships. There is no magic wand in therapy, use these tools outside of session to sustain your changes.