Faith is an important part of your life, whether you are spiritually thriving or floundering. You may draw strength from faith in times of difficulty, or find that spirituality has become a source of angst. Your current struggles may even be directly connected to your faith and the church.

Issues of faith can be complex. Perhaps faith was an integral part of your life, but you’ve been wounded by your faith community. Maybe you’ve had a crisis of faith and your values and beliefs have shifted, but you don’t have a new framework to hold these adjusted beliefs. Maybe you’re uncertain if or how faith plays a role in your life now. The process of deconstructing & reconstructing faith can be lonely, confusing, and painful.

Together we can untangle the threads, find hope, and help you live congruently with your values.

Wondering what Christian counseling looks like with me?


Issues treated:

  • Faith crisis

  • Spiritual wounding

  • Faith based counseling

  • Faith related struggles

  • Faith & sexuality